When do the Fae Fly?

That a child may laugh without ever having to be taught, is a beautiful thing. That a mother’s song needs no singing lessons is purity in an innocent form. The Fae are a people of great mystery, and will only spread their wings when the timing is just right. As a grown man, I canContinue reading “When do the Fae Fly?”

The Shadows in the Forest

We were just kids. Tom really loved to throw pennies into the swamp. We all did. The Boys of Center Street, that’s what they called us. And we loved it! We were a gaggle of losers, and we were unstoppable. “I dare you to…” was the weakness we all shared. It was freshman year ofContinue reading “The Shadows in the Forest”

When a Girl Finds Her Power

The tapping of rain on the windows of the library, coupled with the soft sounds of pages turning were soothing to Rebecca as she studied for her finals. She wore an orange cardigan over an ivory white silk blouse that she paired with black jeans with rips in the knees. Her glasses were large andContinue reading “When a Girl Finds Her Power”