When Alaska Says Good Morning

The eagles who fly over the mountains of Alaska sing as opposed to shriek. The brown bears who wake with their young empower the forest. The moose add mystery and intrigue as they evade humans but will not hesitate to charge to protect their own.

The sheer monumental height of the mountain tops kiss the heavens and remain beyond human sight. The morning sun rays shower the dense clouds that fill the valleys and seashore like a slowly cooking pot of beef stew.

The morning breeze is soft, and she kisses you affectionately to coax you to wake.

Immediately you are reminded that you are in the midst of powerful nature, who like a queen, conducts herself with strength and grace.

The fjord directly outside the window invites an organic smell that invigorates and soothes at the same time. Then, just as you step out with a cup of coffee and stretch your arms to the gleaming smile of Alaska, a spout of water blows. A mother whale and her calf are enjoying a healthy breakfast. As they lunge forward to capture krill their flukes wave to you as you are awe-struck. You cannot do anything but laugh out loud from sheer astonishment. As she swims with her daughter you thank the mighty whale for sharing her beauty with you.

You look to your right as your neighbors are enjoying the same sight. Their teary eyes meet yours as you nod to them in humble understanding.

You feel like you are in a dream world. There is too much fantastical beauty that stimulates euphoria to be real. Your cynicism towards the bleak monotony of your own benign and asinine life demands that you doubt how beautiful Alaska is. Yet, you stand there, and a smile sneaks its way into your heart and you wear it on your face subconsciously.

Alaska calls you to forgive yourself and rejoice in her majesty.

The echoes that play and bounce throughout the mountains; the rumble and whistle of wind through thick forest play as a hypnotic symphony. This song awakens ancient instinct, and revives your primal self. You are one animal among countless others. Your nostrils flare to sense the direction of adventure. Your ears begin to move independently to listen to the intricacy of Alaska’s melody. The hairs on your neck and arms stand on end and remind you that you are not powerful; Alaska is.

When Alaska says, “Good Morning”,

You thank her, and bow your head to her sovereign elegant excellence.

Published by m.d.smith

An aspiring writer with a love for fantasy-filled adventurous journeys.

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