Dinosaurs in the Basement

Warm and humid air blew through the rain forest. The two brothers found themselves perfectly lost amidst a mysterious world. Was it a jungle in Africa, or a forest in Japan? Wherever they were, they knew they were no longer in 1998.

BOOM! An enormous and heavy thud bellowed throughout the land and shook the very earth they stood on.

“We gotta hide Marky!” exclaimed the older brother in unadulterated astuteness.

“But Freddie!” Marky shot back.

“We have to get to the cave before nightfall!”

“Marky, the Tyrannosaurus Rex waits for no one!”

“He’s gonna eat us!” Marky screamed as he ran ahead of his big brother.

They ran and ran, until they found a giant leaf under which they could take refuge.

“Phew!” Freddie said as he wiped the sweat off of his brow. He removed his hard hat, only worn by the bravest of explorers.

“What an ordeal!” replied Marky as he took a swig from his flask.

“What’s an ordeal?” asked Freddie and he leaned in expecting a dark secret to be revealed.

“I don’t know. Mommy says it every day when she gets home from work,” replied Marky.

“Oh, well let’s pretend it’s a type of dinosaur,” decided Freddie as he winked to his little brother.

“Oh no Freddie!” Marky shouted as he looked down to his feet.

“I’m becoming an Ordeal!”

“It must have been the bite from the Martini Dinosaur!” shouted back Freddie as he searched his backpack for a cure.

“You got bit too!” Marky screamed as he looked at his brother’s feet.

“That’s right! I’m turning into an Ordeal!”

The two brothers hugged each other goodbye. In a matter of moments they would no longer be brother explorers in search for the cave of Roast Beef; they would be mortal enemies. They were turning into dinosaurs, and there was no cure to be found.

They both dropped to the ground and rolled in agony. The shift was taking hold. Their teeth elongated, and their fingertips grew sharp and jagged talons. Their eyes turned bright green, and their skin turned to dark green scales. They grew long and terrifying tails, and horns sprouted from their spine.

They let out screeches; the kind that the most dangerous of dinosaurs made.

They stomped and stomped crushing leaves and branches. Their noses and tongues tasted the air to suss out the nearest prey.

BOOM! The T-Rex was gaining on them!

They looked to each other, and thought,

“The enemy of my enemy right?”

And they ran as fast as their new legs could take them!

Down their spines, they could feel the breath of the great predator behind them. They shrieked so as to worn their fellow Ordeals. They had been made.

“Dinner time boys!” The heavenly voice came from the sky beyond the thick prehistoric tree branches.

The magic spell made the forest disappear completely.

The two brothers were human again but could not stop behaving like dinosaurs.

“Boys!” the warm affectionate voice resounded.

“Wash your hands for dinner please!”

The magical words transformed them completely back to their innocent human form.

“Mommy!?!” Called out Marky with anxious fear.

“Is that you? It’s been a billion bazillion years!”

“That’s not a real number!” shot back Freddie in defense of his authority.

“Boys, what were you doing in the basement?” Asked the mother whose fists were placed playfully upon her hips.

“Mommy! There are dinosaurs in the basement! Don’t go down! Not until we kill them!” Freddie warned as he ran to his mother in a desperately protective hug.

“Well, the dinosaurs will have to wait until after dinner,” commanded the great authoritarian.

“Well explorers can only kill dinosaurs after dinner Mommy,” said Freddie in complete command over his expertise.

“Ahh, well can explorers eat dinner with dirty hands?” Asked the mother as she knelt down to one knee.

“No Mommy! The disease from the jungle could kill us!” shot back Freddie in annoyance to the obvious answer.

“Yeeaaaaah!” Marky interjected.

The two boys hi-fived and ran to the bathroom to wash for dinner.

They needed to refuel. For another great and terrifying adventure called the explores back to the jungle.

Published by m.d.smith

An aspiring writer with a love for fantasy-filled adventurous journeys.

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