The Diva is a Vampire?

Well obviously it all started on my phone. I was a freshman at Reigh Grove University. I was studying cosmetology and getting my Associate’s in Business. Like literally everyone else, I had a dating app. I had the app just to keep a casual social circle.

Alpha Kappa Mu was my fraternity and we got hella lit on the weekends. The majority of the other guys were very straight, but me and one other guy were gay. His name was Adam, and we were great drinking buddies, and always bummed each other’s cigarettes, but as for anything else, well that was a fast and easy no for me.

It was the winter of 2018. I always had girls using me as a middleman. Simply because I’m gay, and will only wear black designer leather sets they thought that I was a VIP ticket to the hottest boys in my fraternity. Oh those same boys always just assumed that I was tight with the girls and used me in a similar capacity.

I had to develop boundaries. So, I became cold. I became “The Diva” of the school.

I had my friends, and my dating app, and my college allowance from my parents.

On the app called, Here, all I ever had to do was wait. I got loads of guys hitting me up. I went to see movies with some, others got more elaborate. One guy in particular Waved at me on the app. He was, in a word, gorgeous.

His profile pic was overlooking the San Francisco city skyline at night from the top of the Golden Gate Bridge. It was a beautiful view, especially with his Irish fair skin that carried a California tan. He had dirty blonde hair, scruff to match, chiseled cheekbones, and full lips. Oof, right?

I clicked the favorite button so that I could read his profile later. I had a party to go to.

I went alone, and my friends met me there. We all wore black. Stacey sent me a selfie of her wearing a knee length black cocktail dress with a slit down the left side with black strapped chunky heels. Wanda sent me one in a black silk tank top with a black pencil skirt and black red-bottom pumps.

I wore, a black chiffon button up, that had brass buttons. I wore it with custom leather black pants, and custom black leather combat boots. My long black trench coat draped over the look with my collar popped. I was feelin’ myself for sure.

With my frosted white short hair, and my makeup done in earth tones, I knew I was poppin’.

I get there and the dorm suite common room was packed. You couldn’t see anyone or anything more than two feet in front of you.

I forced my way to the couch and just sat and waited for my friends.

That’s when from the dark shadow of the corner of the room walked that same hunk from Here.

“It’s Archer right?” He said as he walked over to the couch to sit down next to me.

I was shook fam.

“Yah, that’s me” I said trying to play it off cool. My voice has always been naturally feminine, so when he heard me he looked a little surprised.

“I saw that you stopped by my profile, and I had to see you in person.” He said to me flashing a dangerous grin.

“How did you know that I would be here?” I asked kind of feeling followed.

“I followed the scent, I’d know it anywhere,” he replied scanning my body with his eyes.

“I doubt it,” I said knowing that my parents had a custom one made up for my birthday. They named it after me.

“It’s Archer by A Finer Scent”, he replied with no hesitation.

I was one hundred percent creeped out. I didn’t care how hot he was, okay yes I was distracted on a chemical level, but I needed to find my friends.

“Oh they’re not coming,” he said plainly.

“Who?” I asked with ice cold sass.

“Stacey and Wanda,” He said in a low and confident tone.

“Yah, I should go check on them. Gotta go.”

That’s when he grabbed my wrist, as I stood up to leave.

I don’t remember the next few minutes, the next thing I knew I was in this dark and damp abandoned warehouse.

I was laying on a king sized bed dressed with black satin blankets and sheets.

The only light was given by the exuberant amount of candles that surrounded the room.

I was looking around, and noticed him looking out of the massive floor-to-ceiling window.

He was wearing blue jeans with work boots, and a white short sleeved t-shirt. He was incredibly tall. I am just about five feet ten inches, and I’d place him at well over six feet.

For some reason I wasn’t afraid, although I felt like in the furthest corner of my mind I desperately wanted to be.

“I didn’t catch your name,” I said as I slowly stood up and out of the bed.

“I never gave it to you,” he said in a monotone timbre as his eyes remained fixed out towards the city.

“Will you tell me your name please?” I asked in a forward and icy way. I was done playing games.

I found my phone still in my pocket and discretely took pics of the creepified surroundings, and of him.

“Not quite yet Archer.”

As I looked around I saw the door.

“I wouldn’t try to leave quite yet.” His threat was clear, and sent a shiver down my spine, but his voice sounded so sad.

He turned to face me, and in a blink he was pressed up against me holding the back of my head in his right hand, and my low back in the other.

How he moved that fast, was incredibly scary. He stood over me and leaned more and more forward so that I had no choice but to lay down onto the bed.

I felt his breath on my face, and I couldn’t look away from his eyes. They were a soft grey color in the flickering candlelight.

I couldn’t speak.

He just stated, “I am going to hurt you, but you will not feel afraid. I am giving you a gift Archer. A gift that will allow you to never again suffer a fool. I am about to give you the power to command the world for all eternity.”

I physically felt calm and attracted to him, but that same corner of my mind that had been terrified that whole time, now demanded that I run away. But I could not.

He began to kiss my neck, and eventually I felt his teeth sink in.

Girl, when I tell you all I could think was.

This is it! This is how I’m gonna go! This bitch is eating me, like literally. Drinking and eating me.”

And that’s the last thought I had…

As a human.

The next night I woke up in my own bed in my off campus estate. My roommates were surrounding me.

“Archer!” Wanda shouted.

I sat up and looked around utterly confused.

“Sis, you were asleep all day long!” she yelled as she was also very confused and worried.

Stacey just began checking to see if I was alright.

I backed away sharply protecting my neck.

But in attempts to just back away, I ended up in a blink in the downstairs kitchen.

As confused as I was, that was nothing in comparison to how hungry and thirsty I was.

I rummaged through the fridge and found my white wine. I chugged it all the way. But I didn’t even feel anything. I didn’t feel that knot that you get when you drink too quickly, or that instant rush you get when you chug wine. And I was still thirsty and hungry.

That’s when I saw Wanda’s boyfriend sitting at the kitchen counter just looking at me completely petrified.

I looked at him, and I hate to admit it, but I could hear his heartbeat. I could literally hear his breath race, and his blood pressure increase, and I could smell the testosterone and adrenaline coursing through him. He smelled so good.

He just looked back at me like a deer to the wolf.

The next thing I knew, I felt the worst type of pain in my mouth. I ran into the downstairs bathroom, and got there in a flash.

I looked into the mirror, and saw that I had no reflection.

I began to black out. The room around me became engulfed in shadow.

That’s when I found myself waking up again in my own bed the next night.

I woke up to nothing but silence.

I looked around my room and found my friends Stacey and Wanda on the floor contorted and drained of blood with teeth marks in their throats.

I ran to the kitchen and found Wanda’s boyfriend by the counter also dead and drained.

I knew in the bottom of my stomach exactly what had happened to me.

And that’s when I heard footsteps from the sidewalk, about a block down the road.

I recognized the heavy slump of the steps, definitely work boots. The stride was confident and evenly paced. A face popped into my head of that gorgeous man from Here.

I unlocked my phone that was inexplicably just chillin’ in my hand.

I went to my favorites, and it was emptied.

I went through my screenshots, just to see if I took one, and also browsed through my photos.

I saw only black photos. Like completely blacked out pics.

That’s when just beyond my phone, on the floor in front of me, I saw those clean work boots, with the cuffs of blue jeans. I looked up and into those beautiful grey eyes. He was standing right in front of me.

“Evanduleous. In the old tongues it meant, ‘children of the gods’. I know. The irony isn’t lost on me.” He said the sentence, but I couldn’t respond.

“That’s my name Archer. But you, can call me, Evan.”

I snapped, “Okay Evan” I said with utter sarcasm.

“Just one minor question.” I paused, and took a step closer to him.

“What the actual fuck?? Do you think this is a game? Just biting the school diva for kicks, and turning what was already a pariah into a fucking vampire!?! Who do you think you are? What do you think life is!?! Now I gotta wait until I forget about the whole sunlight thing step outside for a good tan and get burnt to a crisp. Or I end up getting frisky with Buffy’s Vampire bestie and end up with a hell of a splinter, you know, in my heart. Oh let’s not forget I can no longer go to church. With my mom! And if you know anything about the Portuguese, you might as well just kill me now! Also, I have a lifestyle. I have needs, like manicures, facials, things that go on before the sun goes down, not after! So great I’ll look young forever, BTW’s I was already kind of on that track with an excellent skin care routine, but now I will have for eternity, combination skin tone, with a proclivity for winter dryness. Thank you, what was it again?”

He began to reply,

“I dooooonnn’t caaaaaaare!” I said interrupting him.

“Listen, you’re hot, if you wanted a taste, all you had to do was get consent. Like buy me dinner, maybe some drinks. We’d settle on a safe word, and then nom, nom for you! That is to say you could have given me a choice. I’m a thinking-rational-queen, and yeah I would have said no. But that’s okay, because I know some really socially desperate Gothic gays that would totally follow you to the dark side.

Oh and Evan Jesus Luis or whatever ancient name you have, I hate the taste of blood! Hate it! So whatever you thought this was? It isn’t, and I’m going to just do me now, as my horoscope says today is bad day to venture into the unknown, but yah also ironically says that I’m governed by the moon. So bye, and have a great night sir.”

Evanduleous then looked at me with sharp eyes, as to view me as a predator, and he scoffed.

“You don’t scoff at me, okay? Not after I just said have a great night. You can say ‘you too’, or maybe a simple, ‘thank you’ and then you leave. M’kay?”

He just slowly turned around and headed back for the door. He stopped and simply said,

“If you need me, just follow the scent.”

“Yah that’s creepy, and I won’t be doing that. So, Edward, get your pretty ass out of my house, I have midterms to study for, and a fabulous day-time manicurist to fire, thanks to you.”

“It’s Evendule…..”

“Yah I got it, I was doing a bit, it’s from a book-to-movie franchise, you can go now!”

So, that’s the story. Crazy right? I just, now I need to find a vegan organic way to sustain my eternity on earth. Wish me luck?

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An aspiring writer with a love for fantasy-filled adventurous journeys.

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