Joy in the Creases of his Eyes.

Query is yet another affliction, another addiction.

Hence my tense knuckles, and anxious heart.

I can only be grateful of the vastness, majesty, and elegance of the world around me.”

If I were a man deserving of reward, would I fail so often?

Is it perhaps because I fail so often that I am deserving of reward?

As a thinking man, I can recall the men and women in my life and where they reside in my heart.

However, I have fervent awareness that never before have I met a man with such a beatified smile.

I have never met a man so in touch with divinity.


From the wisdom in his chin, to the secret in the right corner of his mouth when he smiles.

There is pure joy in the creases of his eyes when he laughs.

Beauty in the blush of his cheeks.

His gaze traps me in hypnosis.

Why then am I deserving of his friendly touch and warm embrace? When I fear so deeply that I perturb and repel.

Published by m.d.smith

An aspiring writer with a love for fantasy-filled adventurous journeys.

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