The Mother Who Adopted

She walks over to the stereo and loads the vinyl. She presses play and awaits the tunes. Her sister walks in from the kitchen with two glasses of white wine. Her husband is cooking in the kitchen, and her two young boys assist.

Funky acoustic sounds fill the warm living room. Then, syncopated minor piano chords are followed by snare and high hat. She wears her grey linen shirt with a pair of white capri pants, and brown leather sandals. Her blonde hair is pulled back into a low ponytail, and she has just the right amount of mascara to make her feel jazzy.

Her shoulders move up and down as she steps side to side and claps. Her eyes are closed as she smiles.

Her sister hands her a glass of wine and they toast to yet another day of sisterhood and motherhood.

Dinner is on the stove and the two young boys come running to join in the music. The eldest stands on the hearth of the fireplace and begins to conduct the music. The youngest turns over a wooden stool and takes his wooden spoons, and plays the percussion section with great zeal.

The father lets the chili simmer on low heat as he sets his apron aside and joins his wife. With confidence and adoration he takes his wife by the hand and waist and leads her in a swaying pas de deux.

The wife places an affectionate kiss to her husband’s face, and places her glass of wine on the coffee table. She then says,

“Honey, I always lead.”

She tosses her head back and laughs from her soul, as her husband smiles in acceptance.

Her sons then in their long t-shirts and pajama bottoms tug at their parents’ pants desiring to dance among them.

The mother holds the eldest son, as the father holds the youngest and the bouncing joy begins.

“Mommy?” said the youngest from the arms of his father.

“Yes sweetheart?” she answers.

“Why are you so blonde and I am so dark?

“Because sweetie, Mommy has a special power,” answered the father.

“Mommy has powers?” said the two boys in tandem.

“Indeed she does! Instead of carrying you in her womb, she carried you in her heart! She followed her heart to Ecuador where she found her two sons.”

“You filled a hole in our hearts, both of you did!” Said the mother as affectionate tears filled her blue eyes.

She and her family danced the night away and she smiled through her bravery.

She is the selfless warrior.

She is the mother who adopted.

Published by m.d.smith

An aspiring writer with a love for fantasy-filled adventurous journeys.

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