When a Girl Finds Her Power: Part 2

“Now Rebecca, try not to explode it. I know you can, but please focus on moving it two inches to the right.”

Paul, Rebecca’s father said as he ran to the other side of the basement to take cover behind the weightlifting set.

Rebecca, just a few weeks after graduation had made many changes. Her hair was chin level. She died it red, and her glasses were a stylish black frame that only supported the top edge of the lenses. She wore a navy blue track suit for exercising. However, she was working out much more than just her physique. She was also training her powers which were growing at a rate faster than either of her parents did when they were her age.

She could not only move objects with her mind, but she could also cause spontaneous explosions. Her parents taught her that her powers work by causing shifts in electromagnetic frequencies with the power of her brain. So the shift in energy down to the molecular level at a lower rate caused objects to move. At a higher frequency, this caused explosion. Thus, Paul and Elizabeth called Rebecca’s powers “Molecular Manipulation.”

Rebecca took her stance; her right foot slightly in front of her left; shoulder width apart, and shoulders back.

She focused on finding the annoyance and frustration inside of her. These days with how her father treated her like a weapon and a child at the same time, she had no problems digging these feelings up. Her emotions would boil, and her body became warm. Her heart rate would race to the brink of pain. She was summoning a panic attack.

Then just before she could lose control, she envisioned her emotions as the color red, and focused on turning the object in front of her red, and then telling it what to do.

The object was a granite statue. She was getting strong, very quickly.

She focused and squinted her eyes, and measured two inches in her mathematically brilliant mind. She inhaled, and just before she could exhale, the statue moved two inches to the right.

She then fell to her knees and let out her breath.

“Okay, I’m exhausted dad, we have been training all day. I need to go shower.”

“I cannot stress this enough young lady….”

“I know dad, I can keep my mouth shut!”

Her father was more anxious than anyone knew, for he was completely aware of what was to come.

Rebecca then showered, and relaxed her feelings and emotions. She redressed in a pair of black skinny jeans, and a white crop top. Her confidence was blossoming along with everything else. She was completely aware of how powerful she was, and how dangerous.

She wasn’t aware however, of what was to come.

She put on some sandals and unlocked her phone to see that William her best friend had texted her.

“I can’t believe I haven’t seen you since graduation! I can’t wait to hear what’s been going on!”

She never got a chance to explain what happened at the bowling alley just over a month ago. She was afraid of what William might think.

Young, and self-possessed, Rebecca had come to terms with having to abandon her career path. It was a shock, but she knew what would have been worse. She imagined having to repress her growing powers, and try to assimilate in a college environment. It would have not worked at all.

She walked by the opened closet filled with cleaning supplies on her way to the stairs that would take her to the front door. She looked at the broom that rested against the vacuum cleaner. She thought to herself.

“Wouldn’t that be a trip. Just fly around as one hell-of-a stereotype”

She secretly wished that she could, however.

Instead she calmly willed the closet door shut. Small tasks like that were no problem for her at this point. In fact, she always gave herself a little smile every time she did something simple and fun with her powers.

She skipped down the stairs bouncing her new red light hair, and she willed the front door open.

Her mom walked up behind her and said gently,

“You know your father and I love you don’t you?”

“Of course Mom! I love you too,” she gave her mom a nice big hug.

“I really am so sorry sweetheart, you worked so hard at getting into Quilldale.”

“Mom, honestly, it’s alright! It was a shock, but these powers are more fascinating than anything I was going to study! Plus, telekinesis is far superior to Mace”.

Elizabeth just gave her daughter another hug and kissed her cheek. She felt so guilty for taking away any sense of a normal life from Rebecca. Although her daughter felt forgiving now, she had yet to battle and use her powers in the face of true danger.

Rebecca innocently walked out of the door and willed it to close behind her. She saw her bike leaning against the white picket fence. She was so sore from working out, she grunted in frustration.

She mounted the bike, and rode to William’s house. The whole time begrudgingly irritated that she couldn’t just use her powers.

William was waiting at his opened door; he was truly eager to see his best friend. He had respected her space and abstained from texting, and calling. His mind and heart were still so torn and confused at how she made that bowling ball hurtle down the alley. He wondered too, how she inexplicably disappeared after a bought of abdominal pain.

Rebecca’s energy was renewed as soon as she saw William all smiley and giddy. She couldn’t help but feel a knot in her stomach. She waved timidly and William motioned for her to come along.

She walked over to him and gave him a shy smile as she evaded her eyes downward. He lightly chuckled to himself and they entered his parents’ house.

William’s parents both worked for advanced space programs and were rarely, if ever home.

Rebecca walked ahead to the open kitchen. She welcomed herself to his refrigerator and grabbed a bottle of water. She noted how odd it felt to use her hands to open the door and grab the bottle. It had only been a month, yet her powers had become completely enmeshed with her daily routine.

William looked at her nervous demeanor and could only feel empathetic towards her. He could tell she was gearing up to tell him what was on her mind. He kept his temperament calm as he wore a soft smile. His hazel eyes always brought comfort to Rebecca. She opened the water bottle and took a sip and found William’s glance. She immediately felt at ease.

They sat at the kitchen table together. Rebecca gave a heavy sight.

“What’s on your mind Becca?” William asked. He rarely used her nickname from when they were little. Only when matters were serious was when he use it.

“Okay, so I’m guessing you remember the bowling ball thing.”

“Yes, I do. And I definitely have thought a lot about that night in general.”

“Well, what do you think that was?” asked Rebecca.

“Well it sure looked like telekinesis,” William said bluntly.

“Becca you know I have studied phenomena like that. It’s extremely rare, but everything is going to be okay you know.” William’s deep voice coupled with his gentle eyes caused Rebecca to calm down and feel comforted and validated.

“Willy, it’s not just telekinesis.”

William’s face remained focused on hers, and he took a deep breath subtly to try and brace himself. He kept silent.

“I have some bad news Willy. I won’t be attending Quilldale in the fall. In fact, I’m not going through with any of it.”

William did not see that coming. He was so shocked that after he gasped he began to cough. He just shook his head in attempts to erase what she had said.

“Umm, why not?” He asked simply trying his hardest to remain supportive and calm.

“Well, because of this. See that turquoise vase over on the counter?”

William simply nodded.

After a few deep breaths and a clenched fist and squinted eyes, Rebecca placed her right hand on her right temple. Then the vase exploded and shattered to bits.

William could not believe his eyes! In a reaction that combined confusion, amazement, and fear, he stood up quickly and grabbed his hair in his fists.

“What…How?” He could not formulate a question.

“I’m a witch Willy. My parents are witches too. My powers were just coming in last month. The pencil in the library, you in the soccer goal, and of course the bowling ball.”

Rebecca felt so much better for getting the words out there. But, her relief was short lived because she looked to William who simply stood there with his teeth clenched, and his hands grabbing fistfuls of his own hair. She became worried that he was going to be too afraid of her.

William then took a deep breath and sat back down. He looked down at the table for what felt like an hour. It was only about a minute.

“When you say witch, do you mean like reading spells and flying on broomsticks?” William’s question felt silly and insulting to ask, but he had absolutely no way of processing the actuality of witches in reality.

“Well, I am new to all of this, but I do have powers, so the magic bit is true. My father has been training me to be a weapon for good.” Just saying that made Rebecca feel utterly empowered.

“Willy? Can I count on you to keep this secret?”

William simply stood up and walked over to Rebecca’s side of the table and hugged her.

“Of course Becca! You are still my best friend, and I will always be here for you!”

Rebecca was overcome with adoration for her strong friend.

“My dad doesn’t know that I’m telling you by the way. My mom gave me permission.”

“Why doesn’t you dad want me to know?” William asked.

“Well, he is very protective of this secret, and he doesn’t want anyone outside the family to know. It’s not specific to you.”

William nodded in simple acceptance. He saw his friend in a new light. She was all of a sudden exotic, otherworldly, and with her new hairstyle and confidence, she was sexy.

The two of them talked for hours and into the night. They shared Chinese delivery, and snuggled up on the couch like nothing had changed at all.

The next day, Rebecca woke up in her bed with a smile on her face. She felt so happy now, having a confidant with whom she can share her secret.

She showered and got dressed in a red track suit and black sneakers. She ran downstairs and grabbed a banana and bottle of water.

“Good morning Dad! What’s on the training schedule today?”

Her dad sat in a business suit and looked at his daughter with stern eyes.

Rebecca re-calibrated her surroundings and checked her watch.

“Dad why are you all dressed up? Aren’t we going to train today?”

Paul snapped his fingers and a scroll appeared. Elizabeth then from the other room shouted.

“Wait for me Paul!” She then materialized out of thin air and appeared next to Rebecca.

This was the first time Rebecca had seen her mother’s powers.

“My God Mom! That’s an amazing power!”

“Oh Honey, I was so nervous to show you.”

Rebecca and Elizabeth hugged and turned to face Paul who sat in his chair at the kitchen table. He held up the scroll and said,

“Rebecca, I have some bad news and good news.”

Rebecca just took a step back and tilted her head inquisitively.

“What is it Dad?”

“You are ready my daughter?”

“So what’s the bad news?” She asked followed by,

“Ready for what?”

“The good and bad news are all in one Rebecca,” explained Paul as he handed over the scroll.

Rebecca felt suddenly nervous and read the scroll.

“Rebecca Sandra Moore, you are hereby summoned. You must pass this exam if you are to fully join the battle between good and evil.”

The scroll said nothing more.

“What’s the exam? and When?”

That’s when she felt an immense pain in her abdomen. She lunged forward as her parents stood and tended to her. Her father knew what was about to happen. That was one of his powers. He kissed his daughter and said,

“You’ve trained for this my daughter! You will be just fine!”

Elizabeth gave Rebecca a kiss on the cheek.

“I love you sweetheart! And I’ll be right here when you get back.”

“Back from where?” shouted Rebecca from her almost unbearable pain.

Bright white lights surrounded Rebecca and swarmed around her like a tornado.

She covered her eyes with her hands, and in a few short moments felt the commotion cease.

She opened her eyes to see that she was in the same position as a moment before. In her kitchen. However, somehow her parents were completely gone, and a soft pale foggy light muted everything around her.

“The astral plane,” she said to herself as she remembered the lessons from her father.

“What am I doing here?” She looked at the kitchen table and there was a single dagger. It was a steel, double edge pointed blade with a brass handle and wooden accents. She picked it up, and said to herself,

“What will I need this for?”

She began to hear a distant deep groan. It sounded like an angry and injured man. She couldn’t tell where it was coming from.

She then noticed her clothes had changed. She was now in a purple short A-line dress with a white blouse and necktie. Over this was a navy blue pin-stripe blazer. She also discovered that she was wearing heels. She would have never purchased this look for herself, but she felt extremely powerful.

Her long legs were displayed in this look, something she never felt comfortable enough to do. She loved the feeling this outfit gave her. It felt more like a uniform though.

She walked around, trying to get an idea of why she was in the astral plane. The groaning continued, but this time it was closer.

She felt something behind her. Just a sense really. She turned around sharply, and saw a shadow quickly flee behind the door to the kitchen.

She chased after the shadow, despite the bubbling fear in her gut.

The groaning got louder and closer, and in an instant was right in her left ear.

She screamed, and turned around again, only to see that nothing was there.

She now felt like she needed that dagger that she was clutching onto.

She decided to go outside and see if the world still looked comprehensive.

She went to will the front door open, but she could not. She tried harder, and harder, and the front door would not budge.

She walked up to the door and turned the knob with her hand, and found that the door opened with ease. She was now very worried as it seemed she was in a foreign dimension with no powers.

She stepped outside, and saw her bike in its usual resting spot. She motioned for it, and she went to will it to her, but was extremely shocked and frustrated at the fact that the bike did not move.

“Behind you!” Shouted a man’s voice.

She decided to turn carefully around.

She was facing a disgusting creature. It was not a man, though it spoke with the voice of one.

This was a massive monster. A combination of a black bear and a wolf. Standing on all fours the beast’s face was level to Rebecca’s. She felt the sudden powerful snout gust come from the monster. The fur that covered it was black and smothered with grease and oil. It smelled of decay.

Rebecca remained still and brave. She knew that if she ran, the beast would surely catch and kill her.

“What do you want from me?” Asked Rebecca in a calm voice.

“I want to kill you,” the beast said simply.

Rebecca’s eyes widened as she took her power stance and willed the beast away.

To her surprise, this time her powers worked. The beast fell to its side and was dragged across her front lawn.

The beast however, stood up quickly and readied itself to charge her.

Rebecca then took her power stance and willed the beast away again.

“The more you push me girl the longer I will draw out your death!” Shouted the monster.

“I won’t be dying today!” Rebecca commanded.

She then allowed the beast to stand and this time she charged it.

She leaped into the air to discover that she could levitate. Amazed at her new-found power she got distracted.

The beast stood to its back legs and with its right massive paw smacked Rebecca to the ground.

“You witches are always so impressed with yourself. So easy to get under your fragile egos and hubris!”

“Rebecca stood to her feet, and paced around the beast as she studied it.”

The beast locked its eyes on Rebecca and wondered why she was simply walking around.

Something within Rebecca told her that her powers alone would not be what was going to win this fight. She needed to trust her weapon and her instincts.

She grasped the dagger, and looked the beast in the eyes.

The beast charged her too quickly for her to anticipate and was able to successfully pin her down to the ground.

Rebecca was now terrified. Tears began to stream down her cheeks as pain throbbed throughout her back, and her head. She was overly dizzy, and she couldn’t breathe with the beast’s paw on her chest.

The blade had been knocked out of her hand.

Flashes of her parents’ faces raced through Rebecca’s mind. She could see William’s soothing hazel eyes in her imagination. She knew that she was not yet ready to battle evil. And she was certain she was about to die.

The beast then leaned its wide open mouth filled with razor sharp fangs, in rows like a shark closer and closer to Rebecca’s neck.

Then she shouted out something that she had no idea she knew.


Then the dagger came flying from its place across the lawn and directly into the palm of her right hand.

She then willed the beast to float in front of her.

She levitated herself off of the ground. Her eyes now glowing with bright white light.

She simply pointed the dagger to the beast and shouted again,


The beast then blew up into many, many disgusting chunks.

From the explosion blast Rebecca was sent flying backwards.

She then was sliding down the corridor from her kitchen.

Now on her back and on a hard wood floor inside her home she was completely confused.

Her parents came rushing over to her. She was now again in her red track suit and black sneakers.

“Sweetie! I knew you could do it!” Paul exclaimed. This was the first time he called his daughter sweetie.

Rebecca stood with the aid of her mother.

“How, how did I get back?” She wondered as she looked around.

She met her mother’s adoring eyes that were filled with the terror of a parent losing their child.

Rebecca was now overcome with emotion and began to sob and collapse into her mother’s arms. Elizabeth in turn also began to cry as she hugged her daughter tightly and smothered her with little kisses.

Paul stood at their side and a few tears managed their way down his cheeks.

The magical family of witches regained their composure and held hands.

“Mom, Dad? Why did my clothes change? Where did that dagger go? And what in the God’s name does ‘Debellaturus’ mean?”

The proud parents looked adoringly at their accomplished daughter.

“You found your battle armor, your athame, and totem battle phrase!” Elizabeth exclaimed with glee and astonishment.

“Sweetie,” Paul began,

“No witch has ever found all three in one battle! The Armor is there to empower you and will appear when you are faced with true evil. The athame is a tool that is used to direct your powers. And Rebecca, my daughter, your totem phrase chooses you, and ‘Debellaturus’ was my mother’s. It is Latin for, ‘Vanquish’. It is of the most powerful totem phrases!”

“We are so proud of you pumpkin,” Elizabeth said as she shook her head in awe of their powerful young daughter.

Rebecca nodded and said as she allowed her tears to fall,

“I can do this.”

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