A Dream of Home and Hope

Evergreen are the plains of open fields and rolling hills.

Across it all a warm and orange afternoon sunlight bathes the world;

The traversing family is grateful.

Sad is the son who longs for validation. He closes his eyes for some relief.

In his slumber, he is transported to the land of sunset washed fields.

He is in the back seat of a silver Toyota Camry. Next to him, to his right is his brother whose glance is lost to the passing world outside the window.

His mother drives the car, and his father is in the front passenger seat.

The son longs for his family.

The mother parks the car at the base of a thin and long dirt road leading to an open field.

Dust begins to settle and through the graceful clouds of soft sand, the yellow rays of sun kiss the plush blades of grass.

The mother in a suede jacket, turtleneck, and denim jeans pushes her greying blonde hair off of her face as she smiles and exposes her wise blue eyes.

The map of a mother’s journey is written across her blushed face.

The father in his green windbreaker, blue buttoned up, buttoned down shirt, khaki pants and brown leather shoes, places a firm hand on a wooden walking stick

He smiles to the sweet floral breeze of the brisk late summer afternoon.

The brother clad in individualism; leather jacket, designer t-shirt, and stained and torn jeans also smiles at the joy of his family.

The son whose dream is unfolding exits the car with a breath of relief. He knows not that he is dreaming.

The perfect field beckons the family for a stroll.

The sunshine turns to shades of bright yellow and tangerine.

He stands in peace admiring the family he strongly adores.

Coming to play in the distance gallops, one white stallion and three brown.

The sunshine turns brighter.

The white stallion stops at the feet of the son, and the three brown flirt with his family.

In awe, the son thanks the white stallion, as the mighty beast bows his head and gives a kiss to the son’s hand.

This is where true love lives.

The land of light serenity.

His mother smiles, father laughs, brother leaps and plays with the stallions.

The white light of joy blinds the son and he squints and closes his eyes.

Chin to the affectionate wind.

As he reopens his eyes, darkness befalls, and he is in his cold bed.

His cheeks are sore and wet from having cried in his sleep.

Where is his family?

Where are the stallions?

Why must this the dream end?

Thus he must long once more.

He must hope to one night dream again of the land of light serenity.

Published by m.d.smith

An aspiring writer with a love for fantasy-filled adventurous journeys.

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