Welcome! I hope you are doing well. Please enjoy the following short stories. Here you will find a plethora of different forms of fantasy and metaphor. You may be in the mood for an innocent escape or a dark story filled with intrigue. I intend to have something for everyone.

A Battle Within

Am I a master of minutia? Or am I just a hackneyed hack of trite trivialities? I am at odds with myself. I have an unrequited love with the gifts that I possess. I nurture them so. I fertilize my talents with fervor and practice. Yet, they yield no crop or capital from the seedsContinue reading “A Battle Within”

Buy a Book, Give to Charity

I am pleased to announce that my short stories have been published into a book! I have also published a dark fantasy fiction novel! As soon as you buy your copy, the proceeds go towards UNICEF USA’s COVID-19 relief fund, and Planned Parenthood!

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Dinosaurs in the Basement

Warm and humid air blew through the rain forest. The two brothers found themselves perfectly lost amidst a mysterious world. Was it a jungle in Africa, or a forest in Japan? Wherever they were, they knew they were no longer in 1998. BOOM! An enormous and heavy thud bellowed throughout the land and shook theContinue reading “Dinosaurs in the Basement”

3 Days & 2 Nights

Will the young urban besties really enjoy three days “unplugged” from their busy city lives?

The King and Queen

As he stood there by his writing desk, he looked over to her. There was something too familiar about the look in her eye as she was dressed by her lady’s maids. She looked back at him as she thought the same. Why hadn’t she yet seen how much like her own his eyes were?Continue reading “The King and Queen”

The Wisdom of a Father

Under the vastness of the open and endless starlit night sky, a yellow lab looks to her owner. She smiles and pants with anticipation and excitement to run and play. He removes her leash and away the pup will run. This man will look to the sky and in silent wisdom cry. His respect forContinue reading “The Wisdom of a Father”

The Diva is a Vampire?

Well obviously it all started on my phone. I was a freshman at Reigh Grove University. I was studying cosmetology and getting my Associate’s in Business. Like literally everyone else, I had a dating app. I had the app just to keep a casual social circle. Alpha Kappa Mu was my fraternity and we gotContinue reading “The Diva is a Vampire?”

A Solitary Traveler’s Thoughts

“Oh Universe, we among my species theorize and speculate. Still, disinformation is a contagion of ignorance that the damned deem as valid intel. Tell me please directly, how does one legitimize the status quo? Platitudes are the plight and the plague of politeness. Disingenuous disposition is the dysentery; the disintegration of a once possibly edifiedContinue reading “A Solitary Traveler’s Thoughts”

The Mother Who Adopted

She walks over to the stereo and loads the vinyl. She presses play and awaits the tunes. Her sister walks in from the kitchen with two glasses of white wine. Her husband is cooking in the kitchen, and her two young boys assist. Funky acoustic sounds fill the warm living room. Then, syncopated minor pianoContinue reading “The Mother Who Adopted”

The Orphaned Vampire

You asked who employs me? Well I call this individual Estrella. You might know of them as something else. The Devil goes by many names, and often is he portrayed as male, and the total embodiment of all evil. Lucifer, Day Star, Beelzebub, Morning Star, Satan. The list continues. Evil needs to exist in orderContinue reading “The Orphaned Vampire”

When do the Fae Fly?

That a child may laugh without ever having to be taught, is a beautiful thing. That a mother’s song needs no singing lessons is purity in an innocent form. The Fae are a people of great mystery, and will only spread their wings when the timing is just right. As a grown man, I canContinue reading “When do the Fae Fly?”

A Dream of Home and Hope

Evergreen are the plains of open fields and rolling hills. Across it all a warm and orange afternoon sunlight bathes the world; The traversing family is grateful. Sad is the son who longs for validation. He closes his eyes for some relief. In his slumber, he is transported to the land of sunset washed fields.Continue reading “A Dream of Home and Hope”

I am the Falling Leaf

I am ground-bound and browned as I lay on the air as I am guided to soil. My colors are my ways. My colors are my days with you. Shades of brown hold the dimensions of my culture. The yellows are the flowers, sunlight, and softness in your face when you press against my weatheredContinue reading “I am the Falling Leaf”

The Medicine Boy

Crying on the steps of a Castilian Gothic-era gilded church could be heard for two miles in every direction. Yet, no one bothered to soothe the terrified orphaned boys. An Ecuadorian policeman happened upon this sight and recognized the regular visitors. He picked up the screaming children, whose clothes were tattered, and soiled. Quito inContinue reading “The Medicine Boy”

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  1. You’re amazing! I just can’t find a link to purchase. You should have one on your Instagram and Facebook so people are prone to buy!! ♥️ Doing great things keep being perfect xoxoxoxo


    1. Thank you for your feedback! If you follow my latest post, titled “buy a book give to charity”

      There are links to purchase the books.

      If you are still experiencing difficulty, please feel free to directly to and type the book titles and my name as M. D. Smith, and they will pop up that way as well.


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